About Me

I am Alexander Wongchuking, a businessman from the Philippines. My greatest passion is to empower the Philippine economy. Through this blog, hopefully I get to inspire other entrepreneurs to business success.

Tobacco business has been a big part of our family business. It played a big role not just to our ancestors but also to my country.

Currently, I am venturing into real estate and export business. My goal for our new vocation is to retain our elders’ foundation and working system that has been the biggest factor of our achievements. I want to keep my father, the King’s core values by being a good employer and citizen.

Another thing that I learned from my father is having faith. Faith gives me spiritual development and direction, and keeps me internally happy and contented come what may.

My family is the most important thing in my life. My children, mother Nelia Wongchuking and brother Caesar Wongchuking are the arms that hold me firm.

Feel free to reach out.

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